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Logic Sprayer Fittings

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A selection of the most popular replacement fittings. If you don,t  see what you need then give us a call on 01584 811831

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  • No 1 . MTF063 90 Elbow for Pumps.

  • No2. MTF221 Straight Elbow for Pumps

  • No 3. OBS125-31 90 Elbow ( Grey for Pump)

  • No 4. OBS11108 Hosetail for handlance

  • No5. OBS10112 Connector ( Fits no 4 Hosetail)

  • No6 OBS135-12 90, Hosetail for booms

  • No 7 MTF226 Hosetail, Straight

  • No 8 OBS125-49 Female hose connector


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