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The new Logic MSP120 ‘Pro-Sweep’ has been developed from our hugely successful MSC sweeper. As part of planned paddock maintenance schedule, the MSP120 Pro-Sweep is used to quickly and effectively remove droppings and other debris, resulting in a healthier, more productive paddock. New features mean the Pro-Sweep is easier and lighter to use and more reliable than ever.

Standard Features


Optional tine bar

For paddocks where the dung piles have been matted into the grass, by the action of heavy rain for example, the optional tine bar can be simply lowered. The tine bar breaks up the compacted dung so the brush can sweep the pile into the hopper. For especially stubborn patches, driving more slowly over the pile - or even setting the brush height a little lower than normal - will help remove dung that has all but dissolved into the ground. The tine bar height is set in conjunction with the brush height, allowing both the tines and the brush to be quickly raised out of work when moving the unit outside the paddock.


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