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Logic Flail Mower Flails & Shackles

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Genuine Logic Flails & Shackles.

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  • Pair of Logic General Purpose(2 piece) Flail MFG120-1001 Flail(No1)

  • Shackle to suit All Logic Flail Mower Flails MF120-1021 Shackle(No3)

  • Bolt & Nut to suit Shackle M855 Bolt & Nut(No4)

  • Logic One Piece Grass Flail MFG120-1014 One Piece Grass Flail(No2)

  • MF120-1022 Bracket. Hold the shackle onto the rotor on older MFG flails (No6)

  • Bolt and nut for above rota bracket M10x25 with nylock nut(not shown)

  • MFP120-1001 Straight end flail. Fitted to some Flails as an end flail(No 5)

  • MFT120-2020 Hammer Flail for MFT series Scrub buster Mowers only.(No7))

  • Bolt/nut/washers for above MFT Flail FBH16100/FNN16/FWF16x2. (Not shown)


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