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Logic Broadcaster

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The Logic Broadcaster spreads grass seeds,rape seed,herbicide granules,fertiliser,grain and slug pellets.

Standard Features


The Logic EBC- TFS range of electro broadcasters offer lots of choice to ensure the farmer can do everything required from the broadcaster. Originally designed to spread slug pellets, which is still one of its major uses this type of machine now has the features to be able to professionally carry out many land based spreading tasks.

All Farm applications

If you need to spread slug pellets, re-sow grass or clover seed into an area of grassland, apply some trace elements or spread prilled fertiliser on some bank sides with an ATV, the Logic EBC-TFS Electro Broadcaster is the ideal solution, working accurately, quickly and efficiently. Options of mounting the electro broadcaster onto your ATV/UTV, farm tractor or self propelled sprayer or onto the main farm tine harrow gives the flexibility to carry out all tasks quickly and efficiently - not forgetting that when the autumn rain turns up and the slugs appear from nowhere, using an ATV and Logic Electro Broadcaster to apply slug pellets quickly and with LGP is still the industry preferred method, easily covering over 200 acres in a day

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